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"very pleased with the session"

All the parents and kids were very pleased with the session. We reinforced some of the points that you had made in the pool on Monday and certainly my lane had taken a lot in.

Linda Clemens


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Moving forward in 2016 !! Open water swimming and Triathlon event at Thorpe, Sandhurst and London's Royal Docks. New events, more coaching courses, greater access to the water! Looking forward to living the dream with everyone!
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Group OWS Course - Level 1

All Courses start promptly at NOWCA Thorpe Swimming Lakes at 6.45am and Finish 8.15am approx.

Dates for April and May 2016 to be announced soon.

Level I (beginners)

Suitable for anyone who has never swum in open water before (fast or slow swimmers), or anyone who has a fear of open water (fast or slow swimmers).

This session will last for approximately 2hrs including theory followed by a practical session with coaches. Please arrive promptly with your wetsuit on (there is wetsuit sales/hire available - but leave plenty of time to do this).

The theory will cover basics as outlined below as well as giving you time to get into groups depending on your level of ability.
(don't forget to fill in the 'Competence Chart' to gauge your ability - download from this website)


Introduction of coaching personnel / Swim Bike Run. Goal of this session and the other two levels available

  • What's happening next at this lake
  • Availability of swim time
  • Choosing a wetsuit
  • Stop chafing
  • Wetsuit fit & Transition 1
  • Swim Caps & buoy story
  • Choosing the right goggles
  • Panic & Fears - relax, relax, relax - diaphragmatic breathing, activate
  • Parasympathetic nervous system = 10th cranial nerve to calm and relax - practice
  • Sighting
  • Safe Water
  • Entering the water -pontoon, deep water, beach
  • Swimming & breathing to sight etc
  • Drafting & swimming in the melee: Bernie story
  • Turns


  • Everyone is put into (tongue in cheek) groups - Seaweed(beginner, poor swimming ability)Goldfish(entry level) Trout (good) Sharks (excellent, experienced, confidence, & high ability)
  • Safety - i.e. arm in the air etc colour of OW Coaches cap, water safety cover etc
  • Colour swim caps on
  • Partner up
  • Wetsuit fit
  • Goggles fit
  • Entry to water
  • Breathing stationary(parasympathetic - in nose-out mouth)
  • Breathing moving to first buoy
  • Sighting from bank/jetty and in water move to ramp and to yellow buoys
  • Drafting with partner to next buoy
  • Tapping feet and close proximity with partner
  • Turns around sets of buoys
  • One loop of rectangle to practise everything in group
  • Transition 1 (T1 if applicable IE for Triathletes)


Please ensure all attendees complete the following two forms, either email to RKC or bring it with you on the day. Failure to do so may mean you cannot swim or you delay the start!

To book up go to: http://www.nowca.org

Thorpe Lake
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Product reviews
A great course if you struggle with swimming
I have taken both this and the level 2 courses and I can say that they changed my outlook towards open water swimming.  Few months ago I hated this as I struggled with it, fast forward a few months and now I can confidently swim 4.5 k and still have energy in the tank.
During level 1, Rick will go through a series of tips that will help you be more relaxed in the water and even if you just pick up 1 or 2 tips, it's already enough.
So to summarise, if you want to improve in open water and start to enjoy it as well, then join one of these courses!!

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