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"I beat my target"

thanks for all the help you gave us in the lead up to the London triathlon. I might not have been as fast as Vernon but I beat my target time of 3 and a half hours

Laura Green


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Moving forward in 2016 !! Open water swimming and Triathlon event at Thorpe, Sandhurst and London's Royal Docks. New events, more coaching courses, greater access to the water! Looking forward to living the dream with everyone!
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FREE Transition Tips from Rick

14 January 2016

Here are ten tips to a fast Aquathlon Transition:

1. Kick hard for 50metres before you stand up to get the blood into the legs and stop that light headed feeling = more co-ordination, faster transition, better run split !
2. Swim as far into the bank before standing up
3. Gulp water into the suit before you stand so it buoys the wetsuit from the skin as it runs though. The suit will then fall off if you follow procedure below!
4. Put your goggles onto your forehead and leave them until the wetsuit is off
5. Left hand behind the neck open the velcro and don't let go
6. Right hand behind the back pull the cord all the way in one go
7. Left hand pulls the suit just over the shoulder then goes to the right side
8. Left hand pulls the right side down and in one go it rolls off the arm.
9. Do all this while you steadily move to your shoes
10. At you shoes you need to execute the patented Rick Kiddle Kick & Flick (ask rick :-)

a) The flap behind the zip is twisted
b) You didn't pull the zip tight as you pull the strap down
c) You let go of the neck velcro too soon
d) Don't bend the elbow when you roll the suit off the arms
e) keep moving forward out of the water. If you stop you may feel dizzy and fall over!

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