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"feel a lot more confident "

Thanks for your tips and advice during this morning’s training session. I feel a lot more confident about the swimming section of my forthcoming ‘Super Sprint Triathlon’ at Blenheim

Craig Beer


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Moving forward in 2016 !! Open water swimming and Triathlon event at Thorpe, Sandhurst and London's Royal Docks. New events, more coaching courses, greater access to the water! Looking forward to living the dream with everyone!
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Bike 1-2-1

Picture of Bike 1-2-1
Training specifically designed to improve your speed and skill on the bike.


Bike Setup and Testing

Picture of Bike Setup and Testing
Whether you have a new bike or an old one you need to fit the bike to ensure you are comfortable and technically and efficiently producing the maximum power output for your size.


Open Water 1-2-1

Picture of Open Water 1-2-1
If this is your first ever open water swim we recommend an individual or group session. If you opt for 1-2-1 then you get the full attention of a BTF & NOWCA level 3 Coach who will go at your pace and make you feel safe and confident in the water. Most sessions will be held at Thorpe Swimming Lake unless you request another venue.


Pool 1-2-1

Picture of Pool 1-2-1
Book an RKC 1-2-1 at a pool local to you or near the RKC Coach. Option to swim with the coach. Work from your current level to help you progress to the next. Covering drills and the type of sessions you should be doing to maximise your time in the pool.


Run 1-2-1

Picture of Run 1-2-1
This session is tailored to your requirements. Whether it is technique based, measurements or a full training session you will feel that it was time well spent.


Run Technique Analysis

Picture of Run Technique Analysis
Whereas the 1-2-1 run session is more of a full workout this is a more in depth look at technique, analysing running form and biomechanics. A look at shoes and recommendations.


Training Schedules 1-2-1

Picture of Training Schedules 1-2-1
It is almost impossible to coach yourself due to human nature. A coach is a third eye and based on your feedback the training schedule will maximise time spent training, give structure to your workout and lifestyle as well as help you reach that elusive potential and goals.

From £102.00

Triathlon Analysis Day

Picture of Triathlon Analysis Day
The Triathlon Analysis day is vital to the long term success of your training programme. It gives the coach a chance to understand what type of person you are and tailor your porgramme to your current level so that you don't overtrain at the beginning.


RKC is the online space of ex British triathlon Champion Rick Kiddle who competed as an elite athlete worldwide. He has used this combination of 20 years competition experience along with 15 years coaching knowledge to bring you innovative training programmes and products that will help novice and elite athletes to train and race for the results they seek.